Do you need to review a tech project or understand how to improve your processes? Are there gaps in your team that you need help to identify? Are you looking for ways to increase revenue, eliminate waste or be more agile?

We help organisations of all shapes and sizes get the most from their people, processes and technology. Whether it’s just a quick external opinion on a specific area, some help with due diligence, or a complete organisational re-design and transformation, we can help.

We can help clarify your business strategy, organise your product portfolio, capabilities and processes, or simply provide mentoring and training services.

Let’s start with where you’re at. If you’re not sure what to review or how to investigate, our one-day Spotlight session will help bring clarity to the field of view.

It all starts with a conversation, so let’s talk…

We are a world leading mobile agency, focussed on top tier clients. Cantor & Ball evaluated our processes from end to end, achieving significant improvements in delivery and team satisfaction. This helped us double our revenue and headcount within 12 months.


I've got a hunch...

Your spider-sense tells you that something’s not right, but you can’t quite pin down what it is. Maybe you’re too close to the problem. Maybe it’s new territory. In any case, you’re looking for some clarity around what you’ve got in place. Ultimately, you need light shed on the problem, so that you can see what to do about it.

To pinpoint an issue, it must be exposed from different perspectives. The people involved, the processes in place, the desired outcomes.

At a Spotlight session, we spend a day with the relevant key stakeholders and teams. We look at what are you trying to achieve and how are you trying to achieve it. We look at who’s helping and what activities they’re doing. We clarify risks, issues, constraints, and how well the team outputs are aligned with the overarching business goals.

Because we’re objective, we will help you see what we see. The outcome is insight and what, if any, improvements can be made.

Shine a spotlight on your issues…


You are here...

To go to where you’re trying to get to, you first need to see where you are.

The technical landscape is fluid. What was the gold standard yesterday? It’s not the gold standard today.

When it comes to systems, there are always blockers. Whether optimisation is worthwhile is another matter. Are the org design and processes right? What processes can be improved? Is the business strategy clearly defined and understood?

When we carry out a review, we can look at contracts, design practices, delivery processes, capabilities, equipment, technical landscape, partnerships, environment, prioritisation, budgets, structure and more.

We’ll help you uncover what could be improved to better deliver your business strategy, and determine if there is any benefit in doing so.

And it starts with a conversation…


Do you know what you've got? (And what you're missing?)

What’s the shape of your team? Do you know what they’re capable of? Do they know what they’re capable of?

If you empower your team, it can be mind-blowing what that team can achieve. What precedents are set that impact on the ability to get the job done? And how are they incentivised? Do you have the culture you need?

We’re all trying to ensure that we have the right team in place.

We can look at the size and shape of your team within the context of the organisation and what you’re trying to achieve. Whether it’s just a capability assessment in a particular area or a review of the organisation as a whole — we’ll can help you identify the right shape and the right team across Leadership, Product, Design, Software Development and more.

It starts with a conversation...


Where do we go from here?

So your business needs to adapt. But when it comes to organisational transformation, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. It’s folly to think that the perfect organisational setup exists. It’s more about making the wisest trade-offs.

Is there a better way to achieve your business goals? Is it about playing a team to their strengths or cutting out the fat? How open to change is your team? And what needs to happen for your organisation to be able to adapt by itself? Is your team’s morale low? Does your throughput seem mismatched to the capability of the team? “But we’ve always done it this way…” — incumbent thinking also needs to be challenged.

It’s more about people, activities and behaviours, than tools, technologies and methodologies. But this stuff is also political, and it requires a clear mandate from the top.

When we help transform businesses, we initially focus on the people and their capabilities, then on the activities they’re performing and the processes they are working to and finally the structures they’re working within.

Only then can we map out a sustainable transformation plan encompassing behavioural change, process re-engineering, organisational design, and clear success metrics.

There is no silver bullet. There are theories, tools and methodologies, but it’s the experience of understanding how to apply them in context that counts.

We focus on understanding and building a path doing the necessary transformation, optimised for now. But our real goal of transformation is to embed a culture of continuous improvement.

And it starts with a conversation…